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Meijo University International Students

All around Tsushima was a fun experience. It was a great chance to do new and great things.
Was a good time, I would recommend many of the stops.

RAKURAKU Confectionery / らくらく菓子舗

First time trying Warabimochi, very interesting taste but it was good!
Very nice shop.
Was a stand out amongst the older city.


Address / 5-46 Tennodori Tsushima city Aichi prefecture
Tel / 0567-26-4412
Business Hours / 8:30am~7:00pm
Closed / Wed

Tsushima-jinja Shrine / 津島神社

Very pretty, it was also very close to a pretty Pond.
A piece of old rich culture.


Address / 1 Jinmeicho Tsushima city Aichi prefecture
Tel / 0567-26-3216


Tennogawa Park / 天王川公園

The Park was very pretty and had a good atmosphere.
Beautiful lovely place.


Address / 1 miyagawacho Tsushima city Aichi prefecture

Stained glass NAS / ステンドグラス NAS

My favorite part of the Tsushima trip. A good chance to try something I’ve never done.
One of my favorite achtivites in Japan. A great experience.


Address / 6-30 Onawacho Tsushima city Aichi prefecture
Tel / 090-4409-3111

Please contact in advance if you wish to experience.

instagram / @sutendogurasunas

Tsushima guest house / 津島ゲストハウス

The guest house was great, the traditional Japanese style was a first time for me.
Was nice,they also let us rental bikes.


Address / 
【Getaya】1-21 Tennodori Tsushima city Aichi prefecture
【Kurokobako no Ie】3-25 Tennodori Tsushima city Aichi prefecture
【Hashizume no Ie】1-40 Hashizumecho Tsushima city Aichi prefecture
Tel / 0567-26-5700

Instagram / @tsushimaguesthouse

Kushi dining ISHIDAYA / 串diningいしだや

Yakitori was very great. My first time having it in Japan.
Luxury, but worth it. Amazing taste.


Address / 4-46 Honmachi Tsushima city Aichi prefecture
Tel / 0567-25-9959
Business Hours / 5:00pm~11:00pm
Closed / Mon & 3rd Sun


Inyama Castle / 犬山城

Inuyama was very beautiful.
The view from the top was amazing.
It was also cheapVery famous it was beautiful place I love it!


Address / 65-2 Inuyamakitakoken Inuyama city Aichi prefecture
Tel / 0568-61-1711
Business Hours / 9:00am~5:00pm (entrance until 4:30pm)
Closed / 12/29~31
Entrance Fee / (general)550yen, (primary and secondary students)110yen, Group discount available


Instagenic Spot Best5

  • No.1
    Stained glass NAS
  • No.2
    Stained glass NAS
  • No.3
    Kushi dining ISHIDAYA
  • No.4
    Tennogawa Park
  • No.5
    Tsushima-jinja Shrine